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Updates Newsreel: All the News You Need to Know

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Well Spacing and Normalizing for Drainage (0:35 for the Workflow)

The industry has used well spacing and lateral length as a proxy for that rectangular prism a well is draining in shale. Hear from CEO, Troy Ruths and Kyle LaMotta, VP of analytics as they discuss the differences in understanding drainage between conventional and unconventional wells.

Managing Well Spacing and Parent/Child Calculations

Chase the Cube Not the Well

Normalize Don’t Improvise: Drainage, Drainage, Drainage

The Impact of Well Orientation on Production in North American Shale Basins

What’s New? (6:09 for the Feature Report)

Charles, VP of Product, highlights the new features in the Platform including updates to the Production Viewer with the focus of making the easiest place to go to view some key data types and to extract that data for further analysis. There are additional features in the Import Wizard to load your own data. Completions Data Viewer

Data Research to Data Dashboard: Forecast Statistics Viewer Newsreel: March 9, 2021

Economic Implications of using Drainage Normalization (7:57 for the Economic Report)

Richard Gaut, CFO of, discusses the high costs of drilling wells and generating returns on that capital investment within the temporal challenges created by offset wells.

Investigating Parent/Child Interference with

Quickly add Development Wells to an Economic Project

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