Intelligence for Shale

Intelligence for Shale

Unlock insights with a 3D view of the subsurface and connected analytics built for the future of energy.

  • Supercharge reservoir engineering with modern data science

    Eliminate repetition and auto-forecast thousands of wells in minutes. Automate the creation of type curves and generate economic forecasts for oil, gas, and NGL streams. Examine outcomes in a variety of price regimes and development scenarios.

    Key Features

    • Designed for multiphase flow and multi-segment declines, full control over decline models
    • Rapid calculation of accurate forecasts, 95% accuracy
    • Gunbarrel and well spacing with geomechanics
    AI and other aspects of digitalization will make engineers’ jobs easier, not replace them.
    Dr. Troy Ruths
    Dr. Troy Ruths Founder & CEO of

Built differently. Revolutionary pricing.


Team of Experts

Team of Experts uses AI and Machine Learning to empower domain experts, data scientists, and executives with instant information in the right context, energizing teams and transforming data into action.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • MongoDB
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Open Subsurface Data Universe™

Learn More is a built-for-purpose oil and gas software platform bringing geoscience and engineering data types into one system for any shale workflow.


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Latest Articles

Conquering Uncertainty in Planning and Drilling Your Next Well

Conquering Uncertainty in Planning and Drilling Your Next Well

Generating scenarios for well placement and completion options allows decisions about the well to made from a variety of potential designs, adding to the speed of decision and reducing the uncertainty in these uncertain times. Kyle LaMotta, VP of Analytics, explains, “Traditionally a company would never work up large numbers of scenarios because it takes so long to generate those results. They just don’t have a way to capture that variance. At, we can capture that variance with the drainage because every time we change the well spacing or the well placement, it’s going to affect the drainage which ultimately affects the production.”

Rosemary Jackson
Be Ahead of the Competition:  Build Your Organization Around AI

Be Ahead of the Competition: Build Your Organization Around AI

Not Competitive: In traditional O&G companies, complex problems are divided up and solved by different teams. The decision being handed along some chain of experts that create a final solution. But for shale, the solution is an interrelated complexity that needs to be passed back and forth, debated and understood, engineers and finance, field and management, back and forth. That’s what AI is for. Complex, connected decisions that need a best fit and iterative tradeoffs. Competitive: Re-architect your business to an AI factory. You need one software hub, not layers of software tools that slow down your internal process. One unifying platform with all the data inputs, technology and algorithms in one collaborative place.

Rosemary Jackson
Dialing in Drainage:  Time For Production to Take-Off

Dialing in Drainage: Time For Production to Take-Off

With you’re at the controls, inputting your data and dialing in the drainage, the rock that’s available to be drained by a well or group of wells. builds a surrogate model that can be conditioned based on observational or algorithmic calculations to estimate drainage. Let’s look at those dials one by one: Minimum horizonal stress, reservoir properties like porosity and permeability, the earth model, microseismic, simulator information and actual production numbers.

Rosemary Jackson
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