Intelligence for Shale

Intelligence for Shale

Unlock insights with a 3D view of the subsurface and connected analytics built for the future of energy.

  • Supercharge reservoir engineering with modern data science

    Eliminate repetition and auto-forecast thousands of wells in minutes. Automate the creation of type curves and generate economic forecasts for oil, gas, and NGL streams. Examine outcomes in a variety of price regimes and development scenarios.

    Key Features

    • Designed for multiphase flow and multi-segment declines, full control over decline models
    • Rapid calculation of accurate forecasts, 95% accuracy
    • Gunbarrel and well spacing with geomechanics
    AI and other aspects of digitalization will make engineers’ jobs easier, not replace them.
    Dr. Troy Ruths
    Dr. Troy Ruths Founder & CEO of

Built differently. Revolutionary pricing.


Team of Experts

Team of Experts uses AI and Machine Learning to empower domain experts, data scientists, and executives with instant information in the right context, energizing teams and transforming data into action.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • MongoDB
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Open Subsurface Data Universe™

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Stress Shadow and ISIP Productivity Optimization Techniques

Stress Shadow and ISIP Productivity Optimization Techniques

When fractures are open and propped as volume is stimulated, the build-up of stress shadow along the well bore may increase treatment pressures on the order of 1000 psi. If stages are developed too quickly, you can elevate the stress shadow to the point of increasing geomechanical barriers.

Rosemary Jackson
I’m Being Followed by a Stress Shadow

I’m Being Followed by a Stress Shadow

The hydraulic fracturing of wells to create tight cluster spacing in low permeability shale formations develops a dynamic buildup of stress that increases as stages move along the length of the well bore. One of those stressors, the stress shadow, is a dynamic pressure that exhibits when you’re fracking the well.

Rosemary Jackson Newsreel:  All the News You Need to Know Newsreel: All the News You Need to Know

Today, hear from CEO, Troy Ruths as he discusses well spacing and stage design including proppant per foot, perf diameter, fluid per cluster, stress shadow, and other relevant concerns. Lowering upfront capital investment for better capital efficiency is directly tied to the stage design of full cube development.

Rosemary Jackson
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