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Every Friday afternoon at 3:15 PM CST, our team assembles remotely in Montreal and Houston for our Weekly Company Catch-up where someone shares what they’re working on or drops a pin on a map and tells a story or we figure out who likes edge or center brownies. Recently, in one of these catch-ups, we talked about, what is Artificial Intelligence? And I wanted to share their voices with you.

At, we work with AI and MLOps to build your mission critical platform. We have petroleum engineers, data scientists, geoscientists, medical doctors, computer scientists, chemists, environmental engineers, economists—and all of them contribute to this platform that provides a deep and thorough understanding of unconventionals. Every part of our team is the Michael Jordan of their trade and that’s why we’re at the frontier, we’re at the cutting-edge of the science and the AI that must be brought together to form the multivariate insights, to form the truth in the rock. It’s our mission.

Derek: Every definition of AI is valid. Part of the reason for that is AI is a technology. AI is a product. And AI is also a promise. It has become a cultural touchstone. As a result, it belongs to everyone equally. As a society and a civilization we’re all trying to figure it out. It’s not just what it is now, it’s a statement about what we’re aiming for.

Jarod: I think AI doesn’t do well alone. It’s a technology that’s an ecosystem. It’s something that can abstract away a lot of complexities that don’t need a human touch. You don’t need emotions or feelings tied to them. You can make decisions faster.

Erik: I look at AI as a Roomba. I don’t have to vacuum. I rely on technology to do tasks I don’t need to do. I can use my time more effectively.

Josh: ML and AI is a machine that automates the manual tasks of parsing and correlating data at a scale and speed that is practically impossible for humans to perform. Doing something more than a human or a group of humans can do. Brings value through time and through parsing huge amounts of data.

Brendon: Conventionally AI is artificial intelligence. But the way we’re writing the algorithms, it’s really augmented intelligence. These are tools that make you smarter—you draw the conclusions and this suite of tools will help you make decisions more effectively. is a tool that puts these AI capabilities into the hands of engineers who don’t know a line of code.

Richard: AI is generalized pattern matching. We know where to look for patterns and what should bump into what. Sensible interactions based on experience.

Greg: Something that helps humans make decisions faster. There needs to be a learning component. It needs to evolve from the data that’s given to it.

Faiyaz: Intelligence is how we use two things: one is our experience and one is our world view. Outputs are explaining what we see and what is our next action. AI is a discipline that gives us an explanation and a world view. We’re trying to understand the world better. is augmenting human intelligence.

Charles: Things that seemed like science fiction at one time are now a reality. Being able to use the computer to make decisions. We build AI that’s accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be a data scientist.

Bruno: AI is making the machine less stupid so we can blame them. AI makes our life easier.

Nitin: Replaces actions that are repetitive but not difficult. Making the engineer’s job easier and not doing the repetitive things. Something that augments in your daily workflows and you don’t even notice it until you realize that you’re not doing those things any more.

Alex: Us trying to recreate ourselves. We’re training a machine to have a perspective of the world. The goalpost is always moving with AI.

Theo: Assisting in human evolution. We need to give up menial tasks, surrender these tasks to something else to become better human beings. Our clients should be doubling down on knowledge work.

Troy: A program that can figure out what makes a group of things similar. The product is what we build around that. The science is all of this craft and design that has to surround AI to make it useful.

Kyle: AI is doing a job that you could never have hired for. So you don’t have to, we spend a lot of time in machine learning and deep learning finding answers that are relevant to the problems you need to solve.

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