Completions Data Viewer
Completions Completions Data Viewer

Kyle LaMotta  •  

Behind the scenes of’s web apps sits a high performance database, purpose built for oil and gas data types, and optimized for serving up data when you need it. This is especially important for high-frequency data types, such as 1-second resolution completions treatment data.

If you’re lucky, your company is collecting and organizing this data in a database, but if you’re like most of us, you’re dealing with the dreaded “frac van CSV”. You know what I’m talking about… a set of non-standardized post-job files that ends of collecting dust on a server somewhere, never to be seen again.

For any given well this could be more than 60 CSV files, and for a multi-well pad the file count approaches the thousands! Not to mention the lack of standardization – files for a single well often have varying column names, mixed units, and missing identifiers. Combine that with the sheer volume of data, approaching gigabytes for just a few wells, making the seemingly simple task of visualizing completions data nearly impossible!

The Completions Data Viewer can transform that mess of CSV files into a standardized, databased, and organized dataset, ready for analytics. With the click of a button, you’re completions data is accessible.

Your colleague wants to see the data? Just send them a link! The URLs are well-specific, so you don’t need to worry about sharing file paths, massive project files, or version control issues.

Check out the video below to see it in action! Email us at to learn more.

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