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Updates Newsreel: All the News You Need to Know

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Well Spacing and Stage Design (0:30 for the Workflow)

Today, hear from CEO, Troy Ruths as he discusses well spacing and stage design including proppant per foot, perf diameter, fluid per cluster, stress shadow, and other relevant concerns. Lowering upfront capital investment for better capital efficiency is directly tied to the stage design of full cube development.

Setting the Stage for Optimal Well Spacing Performance

Down the Microseismic Highway

Well Spacing and Capital Efficiency

Chase the Cube Not the Well

Normalize Don’t Improvise: Drainage, Drainage, Drainage

What’s New? (5:11 for the Feature Report)

Charles, VP of Product, highlights the new features in the Platform including updates to the frac geometries and drainage volume, continuing additions to the Import Wizard, and additional filters for surfaces in Earth.

Virtual Understanding: Earth

CSV Complete

Curate, Conquer and Control Your Data: Well Stats and Open Input Control

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