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Updates Newsreel: All the News You Need to Know

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Collaboration Inside the Platform (0:54 for the Workflow)

Watch Troy Ruths, CEO of, and Charles Connell, VP of Product as they collaborate and navigate through the Platform to look at a parent well that had several child wells come online. Their investigation includes understanding why a specific well is performing in a certain way and updating the internal forecasts so there’s an accurate prediction of future performance. They’ll be using vertical and horizontal collaboration. Vertical for the administrative, making it official. And horizontal for peer-to-peer collaboration.

The New Shape of Collaboration

Making it Official: Building the Data Gold Standard in and Spotfire: Cloud Tech Differentiators

What’s New? (8:29 for the Feature Report)

Charles, VP of Product, highlights the new features in the Platform including additional color differentiation for wells and filtering by wells in the Pump Curve Pressure Model App. One of our first apps, the Production Viewer App, now has the ability imbedded to make groups by circling wells on the map—quick and easy to subdivide larger groups based on production histories. On the Production Viewer as well, added support for daily production, a heavily requested feature, is now available through the Daily Rates tab. Several wells can also be selected and compared.

Treating Pressure Prediction App to Predict Treating Pressure

ISIP Your Way to SHmin

Oil and Gas Financial Report (10:36 for the Financial Report)

Reporting live from Midland, Richard Gaut, CFO of, reveals the big money news stories for the week including the freeing of the cargo ship from the Suez Canal and the effect on oil prices, Ovintiv peer transactions, UI Path IPO’s, and start up HighRadius. 

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