Frac Model and Drainage—how the pieces fit
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Frac Model and Drainage—how the pieces fit

Rosemary Jackson  •  

Q: How does the Frac Model tie to Drainage?

A: Kyle LaMotta, VP of Analytics explains, “The analysis below depicts the Drainage Model also called the Frac Fingerprint or the Frac Model. This is what we’re predicting for each well. The gun barrel view on the right represents the predicted percentage of rock stimulated around each well. That has a direct correlation to the drainage based on the dimensions of this stimulation.

frac model well spacing

“The Frac Model is trained on diagnostic data and it’s making a prediction of the dimension or the shape of that stimulation. Then based on this shape we assume a cut off. When you translate it from stimulation to drainage, it’s not going to be the entire purple area in the gun barrel above. It’s going to be the brighter colors around the yellow area. That becomes the drainage area which gets multiplied by the lateral length to calculate the drainage volume.

“We predict the stimulation area and from that get to a drainage area and to the drainage volume. The drainage volume is the total amount of rock accessible to that well, the entire rock volume. A percentage of that can be extracted. Then, looking at offset well data, the models will predict the percentage of that drainage which is able to be extracted. That’s what we call our cubic extraction ratio, the very small fraction of the rock that has oil that can be drained.”

calculate drainage and well spacing, detect production interference on parent wells and refine model

“The Frac Hit Model uses the Frac Hit App that calculates the drainage for the wells. It’s using the stress profile, the parent child relationships, the well spacing and the frac model to come up with drainage for all the wells that exist. The Frac Hit App itself is doing a lot of things and one of the main steps is to calculate drainage for each well.”

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