What is the DSU Design Service? collects all relevant geologic, production, and diagnostic data in your target AOI. Then, after running hundreds of design scenarios, we share the economic tradeoffs for well spacing, landing zone targeting, and completion design decisions.

443 Wells Planned
18 Active Programs
$2B Capital Advised
>90% Well Level Accuracy
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Eliminate underperforming wells and optimize production from each DSU combines your data, your experience, and your cost structure to generate accurate forecasts months before wells are drilled and completed.

  • — Incorporate learnings from your internal data, existing models, and past experience
  • — Contextualize billions of data points from public and private sources to create accurate models
  • — Unite teams around a single view of the subsurface, incorporating insights from each specialty
  • — Transform well planning and capital budgeting processes to reach a new level of accuracy and scalability
  • — Receive reports for your team with a consistently fast turnaround and a proven high level of accuracy
  • — Partner with a tested and trusted team
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A unique combination of expertise in AI, engineering, and geoscience, we have lived the challenge of unearthing subsurface insights from esoteric data sets across countless big dollar projects and programs. We encode learnings using our proprietary cloud platform to automate complex calculations and assumptions into cascading workflows. The result is industry-leading subsurface analytics, adapted to your asset, that scale up and down with your rig count.

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