Virtual Understanding: Earth
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Virtual Understanding: Earth

Rosemary Jackson  •  

Welcome Earth, a Google Earth type app in the Platform that’s fitted for oil and gas data. “Data analysis often filters out information. Context is lost,” Dr. Troy Ruths, CEO of explains. “With Earth the complexity of your wellbore surveys and horizon grids is retained. You see and understand in situ. You derive meaning that isn’t in tables and flat graphs.”

When you struggle for understanding, it just helps to see it. And seeing in 3D? Twisting and turning directions, un-layering the earth, digging deep with a mouse is not just cost effective, it’s enhanced visual communication.

With Earth, point data sets, like microseismic, can be viewed in interactive subsurface displays. Clip and cut to get cross sections, double click to change focus. “This is also just a great way to browse wells,” Kyle LaMotta, VP of Analytics at, demonstrated pulling up a side panel rich with detail. “You can search by well and bring up critically specific information: where it landed, where it is in the zone, the latest EUR’s, what’s the well spacing, what are the parent/child wells that are nearby. There’s also production and geo summary stats. Import your structure grids. You can develop granularity on footage in any zone.” 

3D subsurface horizontal wells

“It’s also just a fun interface,” Kyle added.“It’s like a video game, fun to play with and fun to view. You can work with remote team members on the same page, dynamically changing and engaging across this social platform. Earth is a launching point for more digging into well interference analysis, gun barrels and decline curves. Send the URL to a team member to see exactly what you’re looking at.” Earth provides precise, accurate renderings. Hover over the earth and land on your wells. From there dive under the layers of obstructive soil and rock, where you can easily show concepts and investigate options. And in this virtual interactive world, you can view from perspectives you’ve never seen before, understand correlations you would never have imagined, and share them in reports that are professional and concise. Analyze, plan, and share all in Earth.

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