Customer Success Series: The Use Cycle

Customer Success Series: The Use Cycle

Rosemary Jackson  •  

The Use Cycle

Buy. Use. Discard. It’s the journey almost everything takes in our lives. We buy cars. We buy phones. We buy software. And just by virtue of both societal and technological norms, what we buy falls into disrepair or is no longer new enough or vital enough.

Buy. Use. Discard. How do we step out of that repeatable linearity--particularly with complex software that has learning curves, IT implementation, and community or company acceptance challenges?

By designing with an eye to the future—future O&G industry needs, future energy challenges, stays functioning and vital in the ‘use’ portion, becoming a cyclical, iterating answer to growing company needs. understands that buying software platforms goes beyond the technology. We understand how to integrate new technology into a client company through Petro Academy, our extensive remote training catalogue, through available online videos for commonly used functionalities, and through the Petro Live one-on-ones with our in-house experts. Our monthly webinars showcase unique ways to use the platform and tips and tricks that take minutes or even hours off of your daily tasks.

We have proven pathways that make adoption a stepwise process and allow new users to develop a skillset at their own speed. With the Petro Playbook, we provide a customized vision and format for delivery of every aspect of the platform including data, apps, and expedited workflows. We move the product into your existing culture, placing a manageable system with a short time to value, cleanly and easily within your organization.

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