The Internal Asset Operations Center Welcomes Asal and Priya

The Internal Asset Operations Center Welcomes Asal and Priya

Rosemary Jackson  • Building our internal asset operations center to create a platform that fits your needs and works with you every step of the well lifecycle, production to completions. Receives the telemetry across your full well lifecycle to provide accurate options for each decision point.

The internal asset operations center works side by side with your asset team. Meet our newest technical experts joining this critical group that provides the needed monitoring and analysis of the many data-driven algorithms that define each point in your well’s lifecycle. Welcome to Asal Rahimi Zeynal, Subsurface Business Analyst/Reservoir Engineer, and Priya Chava, Junior Data Science Developer.

Charles Connell, VP of Product introduces our newest team members, “ has a strong technical team. We’re in the trenches with our clients’ asset teams. Asal is going to be reinforcements for that team, bringing her experience in geomechanics and geoscience as well as reservoir engineering to complement our current technical experts and work with our clients on solving these well spacing and pad design questions.

Asal comes to us with years of experience in the development and implementation of Completions Evaluation Services that optimize field/asset development, wellbore spacing, completion design and treatment design on many shale formations. She’s also participated in reviewing a project’s profit and loss, cash flow and financial structure to ensure a business plan’s feasibility.

Priya is a junior python developer who will be joining our Montreal office. She’ll be part of our push into python. Priya has been hired specifically to continue to work on the data science pipelines that has in place as well as web apps built in python, continuing to grow the functionality and features of the platform. Priya is a full stack developer who has designed and developed integration methodologies between client web portals and existing software infrastructure using SOAP API's and vendor specific frameworks.

“Our internal team of oil and gas domain experts are also power users of our product. They work hand in hand with the development team to both execute and deliver our well package analysis. They also strive to grow the product and identify the opportunities for new features, collect client feedback and roll that into new development efforts.

“Asal is on that client facing front end of using and delivering these analyses on the per well or per pad basis. She’ll be interfacing heavily with the client and applying her domain knowledge. Then with her voice of the customer, she’ll bring that back to the dev team to further enhance the product.

“Priya is more on the pure dev side. She’ll be hearing the feedback from our internal asset operations center and then working with the other developers to make that a reality, building and implementing new features.

“Our inhouse engineers are using the products, but also a lot of these python scripts that are being jointly developed. Dr. Nitin Chaudhary, Senior Data Scientist at is jumping back and forth, making bokeh apps one day and running the python scripts and delivering to clients the next day. We’ve been pushing to integrate them as much as possible so we can make sure that we’re leveraging the expertise of Dr. Derek Ruths, Chief Data Scientist at when we’re supplying a deliverable. Or if Kyle LaMotta, VP of Analytics, identifies something that is repetitive, that gets fed into a new python script or a pipeline.

Having our technical experts synced closer together we create our own internal asset team. We have the customer voice closer to the dev team. This way, understands the pain points because they’re also the power users. They’re the ones who are using the software the most and consistently provide critical feedback for what needs to be implemented. We’re building our team to make your team stronger.”

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