An Invitation to Rethink Your Data
Data Science & Analytics An Invitation to Rethink Your Data

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To Rethink: Analyzing current processes to update, upgrade, and facilitate future success.

Your Data: Information stored by a computer that’s usually going to be used for a calculation, analysis or planning.

Dr. Troy Ruths, CEO of, has a vision and deep sense of responsibility for creating tools that really solve the critical issues in oil and gas that have remained elusive for years.

Dr. Derek Ruths, Chief Data Scientist at and Professor at McGill University in Montreal explains further, “We started as a Business Intelligence shop, mainly focused on Spotfire. Spotfire works great with data, loading anything in, easy to look at correlations. But the thing that Spotfire has increasingly run into is that getting these insights isn’t just about generating plots.

That’s where Troy’s vision for has become so important. And that vision is, in a domain, you’ve got smart people that can make plots. And so, if getting insights from data is just about generating the right plot in Spotfire, then everybody would be doing it. And there wouldn’t be gaps or problems in understanding issues like unconventionals. But there are so many gaps and so many problems left to understand. The reason is because you really do need a much more sophisticated analysis and that means using machine learning or some kind of statistical modeling.

You need these complex transformations. And that’s where domain specific tools become so useful.

“As a company, you may not be aware of your data and your opportunities for generating insights. But because we’re in the domain space, because we’re building these tools, if you look at the way we’re meshing and fusing data, you’ll say, oh gosh, that’s data that we have and we never thought to use it that way. is an invitation to rethink your data.

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At what we’ve done is thought through very deeply the way that diverse kinds of oil and gas and energy related data can be stored. And this is not always data that companies or even operators will necessarily think of as actionable data. The reason is because they may not have the tools to actually do it. They may not have the training to work with it. It just may not be in their company culture to think of this kind of data as useful.

Auto ISIP Detection is a platform that is data agnostic. It can store a tremendous amount of different kinds of oil and gas related information. The whole idea is, is a synthesis engine.You can put content in and use these tools to do very sophisticated analyses that perhaps your team is not trained to do. But the domain expertise built into the platform gives your team that creativity, those insights and a powerful niche knowledge.”

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