Investigating Parent/Child Interference with
Well Spacing

Investigating Parent/Child Interference with

Kyle LaMotta  •  

Frac hits come in all shapes and sizes with various impacts on offset well performance. They can provide an initial production uplift, an immediate decline, and in many cases go unnoticed.

In this post we’ve included a 3-part video series to identify and visualize negative frac hits – specifically where parent wells experienced a production degradation due to infill development.

Check out the 3 videos below to see Kyle and Richard collaborating in

Part 1: Finding Un-bounded Parent Wells – Quickly find wells that were originally drilled unbounded (single well) and later infilled with child wells.

Part 2: Exploring frac hit details – See the pad level details with gun barrel views, well spacing summaries, production response, and more.

Part 3: Investigating Negative Frac Hits – Quickly visualize production degradation due to child well completions.

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