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Updates Newsreel: All the News You Need to Know

Rosemary Jackson  •  

Stress Shadow and ISIPs (0:29 timestamp)

Today, hear from CEO, Troy Ruths and VP of Analytics, Kyle LaMotta as they discuss stress shadow and ISIPs. Stress shadow is investigated along the well bore and measured with ISIPs.

Stress Shadow and ISIP Productivity Optimization

I’m Being Followed by a Stress Shadow

ISIP Your Way to SHmin
Treating Pressure Prediction App to Predict Treating Pressure 

What’s New? (5:52 timestamp)

Charles, VP of Product, highlights the new features in the Platform including a new app that allows for modeling of ISIPs and drainage called Pad Scenario.

Normalize Don’t Improvise: Drainage, Drainage, Drainage

What’s New? (7:54 timestamp)

Richard Gaut, CFO of shares the week’s important financial events including his sense of new excitement in Midland and our neighbor UiPath going public.

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