Reservoir Aware Forecasts and Well Spacing

Reservoir Aware Forecasts and Well Spacing


Harness the Power of Geomechanics for Dynamic Production Forecasts

A comprehensive data model and integrated AI blends and contextualizes surface and subsurface data for Reservoir Aware production forecasting and well spacing calculations.

Harness the Power of Geomechanics for Dynamic Production Forecasts

We can take these new ideas and then using the tools of, test those ideas against existing data and frame the problem in a whole new way to gain understanding. It’s one thing to have an idea, but it’s another thing to know whether that idea is going to work before you try to implement that idea at scale.

Dr. Mark Zoback
Dr. Mark Zoback
Senior Advisor in Geomechanics

Deliver high quality single well declines, type curves, economic forecasts, and well spacing calculations in one integrated web platform.

Forecasting & Well Spacing

Accounting for critical factors like parent-child interaction, well orientation, and frac containment is an inefficient process, requiring 4+ software tools and manual data manipulation. automatically connects disparate data sources in context of the reservoir, dynamically incorporating geomechanics for Reservoir Aware forecasts.

  • 95% accuracy in multiphase declines, drastically reducing manual intervention
  • Inbuilt economics engine seamless price sensitivity analysis
  • Dynamic calculations of subsurface conditions from parent-child to in-situ stress

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