Cloud is fully containerized and can be deployed in the public cloud, your private cloud, on premises, or any hybrid.


Social brings people, data, and analytics together in one space.


Breakdown data silos with an intuitive way to shape, explore, and share data.

Data Ready simplifies the data-prep process, employing advanced logic to blend disparate data types and intelligent data ingestion to merge info from 50+ sources.

Give teams back the time and energy they currently spend maintaining inefficient data-prep methods.

Empowerment at Scale provides full API access for easy customization and integration with other applications, such as Spotfire® and Microsoft® Power BI®. Plus, you get hundreds of verified workflows that can be quickly deployed.

With, individual team members can build and share their own machine learning models and deploy personalized analytics workflows at scale.

Your Analytics Community breaks up silos, fosters collaboration, and unifies processes that bring teams together with data like never before.

With a wide range of O&G-focused data science training available, your teams are set up for success.

Go for Transformation provides faster access to mission-critical information, unifies processes, enables collaboration, and opens up a whole new realm of opportunities through data.

It’s a fundamental shift in how O&G businesses operate—from clunky, inefficient, piecemeal solutions to streamlined, holistic, purpose-built analytics.

Be the catalyst that transforms your organization.