Geo Pad Evaluation Powered by Modern Geomechanics

Geo Pad Evaluation Powered by Modern Geomechanics


Maximize the Value of Operational Data

Modern wells generate data in larger volumes and greater diversity than ever before. delivers operational data in the context of the reservoir, empowering engineers and data scientists to identify drivers of production and opportunities for optimization.

Maximize the Value of Operational Data

The forces that are acting in the Earth are at the core of unconventional resource development. Once you know what these forces are, you can be predictive about what hydraulic fractures would like to do. The issues of well spacing, infill drilling, and stacked pay are all linked, in a three-dimensional way, to conditions presented to you by the Earth.

Dr. Mark Zoback
Dr. Mark Zoback
Senior Advisor in Geomechanics

Deliver the next wave of optimization in shale development with insights from modern geomechanics.

Geo Pad Optimization

Understanding and classifying the interaction between fracture systems and in-situ stress is the most critical challenge in unconventional development.'s unique expertise in geoscience and data science delivers insights from common operational data that companies already have. Empower teams to deliver the next wave of optimization.

  • Identify seal failures allowing frac growth out of zone
  • Measure local stress variations and map them in 3D space
  • Create statistical models to characterize shear fracture networks
  • Model frac geometry with respect to local stress state
  • Forecast local reservoir productivity using available subsurface and operational data

Introductory course in Unconventional Reservoir Geomechanics from Senior Advisor Dr. Mark Zoback also available

Dynamic 3D Visualization

Combining geoscience with data science, is able to synthesize huge volumes of operational data and deliver it to users in the context of the reservoir. Patterns from high-resolution data sets in geo pads can be extended across undeveloped acreage to optimize future development.

Montney Formation

Working with experts, Birchcliff Energy identified key reservoir characteristics and petrophysical properties from drilling, completion, and production data. was also able to visualize and model fracture growth and cross well stimulation.

Midland Basin

Partnering with, Diamondback Energy was able to identify geological signatures within the geo-pad and high grade development strategies for offset wells and surrounding pads.

Start optimizing your reservoir, not your lease boundaries.

Learn More is a built-for-purpose oil and gas software platform bringing geoscience and engineering data types into one system for any shale workflow.

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The Impact of Well Orientation on Production in North American Shale Basins

The Impact of Well Orientation on Production in North American Shale Basins

As North American shale reservoirs reach maturity, the need to optimize development plans has become more demanding and essential. There are many variables that are within our control as we design a well: lateral length, landing zone, completion design, and so on. In situ stress is clearly not something we can directly control, but we can optimize around using an under-appreciated mechanism: well orientation.

Erik Mignault
Passion for Change: Birchcliff Energy

Passion for Change: Birchcliff Energy

I am currently employed with Birchcliff Energy, which is a Canadian based intermediate producer with a large acreage position in the Montney unconventional resource play.  As the Asset Manager, I manage a team of multidisciplinary engineers and geoscientists that are very busy optimizing the development of our unconventional resource in the Montney.

Mitali Ruths
Passion for Change: Diamondback Energy

Passion for Change: Diamondback Energy

with David Cannon, Senior Vice President of Geoscience and Technology at Diamondback Energy

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