3D Data Analysis in the Context of the Reservoir

3D Data Analysis in the Context of the Reservoir


Shale Optimization is a 3D Problem

In the era of infill development, well-to-well interference is a critical challenge to overcome. Modern engineers require the ability to connect and categorize all available data into a single, three-dimensional view.

Shale Optimization is a 3D Problem

The issues of well spacing, infill drilling, and stacked pay are all linked in a three-dimensional way to a condition presented to you by the Earth. You can't change that. But, if you can characterize it and link it to well design, you can optimize within it.

Dr. Mark Zoback
Dr. Mark Zoback
Senior Advisor in Geomechanics

Petro.ai Earth Technology delivers a single view of public subscription data and private geotechnical data, offering insights to previously hidden optimization opportunities.

An Immersive 3D View of the Subsurface

Aligning diagnostic data with subsurface analysis is an inefficient process requiring multiple software tools and manual data manipulation. Petro.ai Earth Technology dynamically connects disparate data in three dimensions, giving you the ability to focus on your most important work.

  • Visualize drilling surveys, formation tops, frac geometries, microseismic events, and more
  • Dynamic connections to production histories, economic forecasts, and high-resolution completions data
  • Easily export all well, reservoir, and diagnostic data for analysis in BI tools

Full functionality included in Petro.ai Community Edition

A Single View Designed for Shale

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Petro.ai is a built-for-purpose oil and gas software platform bringing geoscience and engineering data types into one system for any shale workflow.

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