Create an Analytics Advantage for Free with Community Edition

Create an Analytics Advantage for Free with Community Edition


Unconventional Analytics Designed for Remote Work

Purpose-built for the challenges of unconventional development, Community Edition delivers Connected Analytics on every desktop, even when working remotely. Experience the full functionality of from anywhere with no limits on the number of users.

Unconventional Analytics Designed for Remote Work is built from the ground up to make you more confident and make your predictions more accurate. You’re going to interact with the drivers of unconventional production through a single pane of glass and you’re going to have access to it for free. That is revolutionary.

Dr. Troy Ruths
Dr. Troy Ruths
Founder & CEO,

A risk-free start on your Connected Energy Analytics journey, bringing cross-disciplinary teams together for a single view of the most important drivers of unconventional production. Community Edition

Our industry cannot expect meet the energy challenges of this century using technology from the last century. Yet, many incumbent software tools that engineers rely on were designed before the advent of web applications and cloud computing. As a result, today’s teams are unable to execute modern analytics workloads and are unable to digitally collaborate in a remote environment.

  • Free access to the full Connected Analytics functionality of
  • 1 GB environment delivered as a managed service
  • No limits on users or seats
  • Inbuilt social engine for instant cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Revolutionary 3D data browser

30 days of complimentary access to TGS subscription data available with Community

At, we believe that everyone should have access to great analytics.

Learn More is a built-for-purpose oil and gas software platform bringing geoscience and engineering data types into one system for any shale workflow.

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