Customer Success Series: Your Data Reservoir

Customer Success Series: Your Data Reservoir

Rosemary Jackson  •  

Let’s eliminate the stress and aggravations that plague our work life. And for most of us, that’s data. We’ve watched employees from the world’s biggest oil and gas companies parade through our data analytics office hours with thumb drives and access codes and file formats that need so much interpretation and consolidation, we never even address the visualization problem.

Let’s lower the complexity of our work lives. We need all that data in one place, actioned with one system, and open to all. We’ll blend, normalize and fuse your data into your own data reservoir. And much like anything that’s done well on the surface, makes it look easy.

Your data, in all of its forms, is the first thing Customer Success will ask for when bringing you into the platform. We understand that your data is important for the analytics you know you need, but with, you’ll discover insights that you couldn’t even imagine. Over the years we’ve watched discoveries generated that increased efficiency and reduced wasted time and money that were not part of the original question asked. There is innovation waiting in your data and by choosing carefully, we can help make that happen.

Once in hand, our team will connect internally to curate your data—defining and classifying. We want to leverage what you have to meet your business goals and to make sure that even the inconsistencies of production data are addressed. After that meeting, we’ll put together your Petro Data Playbook. This Playbook spells out how your raw data is managed and translated. You’ll have your own data reservoir created for your use in all of the valuable data analytics apps in the platform.

Let’s face your work life challenges with a data reservoir that’s ready for consumption.’s Customer Success team has a well defined road to data management and maintenance that happens early in the onboarding process and drives your work life to a simpler, stressed-less daily routine.

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