What's New in Petro.ai 5.5

What's New in Petro.ai 5.5

Rosemary Jackson  •  

The latest Petro.ai 5.5 release is filled with exciting new updates and features:

  • The new landing page and Petron overview page filled with information and links to important features
Petro.ai new landing page
  • One of those new links is to Video Explorer, an extensive training guide for using the many apps and integrations in the platform
  • A new dashboard summarizes Forecast Scenario Statistics to enable management by exception workflows as well as to extend the analysis
  • Another new dashboard is the Well Summary which shows all the details about a well and where that well is used inside Petro.ai
  • Track data consumption in an easy to view page, accessible from an icon on the left menu bar
  • Auto-pick ISIPs and use the new interval classification
  • Add collaborators to a Petron to make sharing and communicating all in one location
  • Comments has upgraded tagging features and icons for thumbs up and reply
  • And of course, Petro.ai Earth—search, navigate, explore, tag and share your well groups in 3D

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