Something to Think About:  Move the World
Passion for Change

Something to Think About: Move the World

Rosemary Jackson  •  

Make the Move

We are all people of consequence. We come into the world and unleash our talents, but we don’t always boldly go where none have gone before. What allows us to create that path to new ideas and improvements on prevailing norms? In Originals, Adam Grant takes you through the stories of those non-conformists who have moved the world.

And certainly, a central theme is these people who have championed the new, share the same diversity of backgrounds and upbringings that takes in the spectrum of human experience. Anyone can make a difference but there are a few characteristics that help along the way.

Managing responses, reactions to challenges are important.Anger is the worst and venting, surprisingly, just makes the flames flare higher.Better to distract and then control as anger cools.Social concerns are more empathetically approached when the anger is turned to a sense of justice for the victim.

Understanding when rules can be modified, when risks can be taken, lies at the heart of the freedom of exercising originality. "Parents of highly creative children,” Grant reveals, “had an average of less than one rule and intended to place emphasis on moral values, rather than on specific rules.” Standards of conduct leave room for investigation of the gray areas of life.

Different styles of thinking emerge in individuals as they grow. There are two completely different innovation processes: conceptual and experimental. “Conceptual innovators formulate a big idea and set out to execute it. Experimental innovators solve problems through trial and error, learning and evolving as they go along,” Grant explains. “Conceptual innovators are sprinters and experimental innovators are marathoners.” Some people peak early and some bloom late. The thrust being, never think you’re done because you can learn to be both.

The most compelling storyline in all of Adam Grant’s tales is the against-all-odds, everyone-was-a-skeptic, the technology/concept/book was bound to fail. Challenging the known always seems to come at the price of doubt or fear or distrust or resentment. Often, the people who stand to gain the most are the ones who push back the greatest. Prevailing wisdom is powerful. The known is easy. And the travelled road is safe to follow.

To Change the World

Taking small steps towards radical new concepts can create inroads to revealing larger scale applications. It’s easier to move in increments to any kind of change than trying to clash with deep-seated convictions. We’ve certainly found that to be true at as we push the knowledge and AI methods that challenge the standardized tools of the O&G industry. Originals is 308 pages of startups and great ideas that fought their way into global acceptance. From woman’s suffrage to the Theory of Relativity, from Rosa Parks to Navy satellites, is in good company to evangelize the real future of shale, to challenge what is known and what needs to be known to drill responsibly in this age of unconventionals.

Listing out the capabilities of the platform and hearing what’s top of mind for companies and operators helps us to understand the critical questions that they need managed. We’re always asking, what’s the win for our customer? We know there’s a lot of tool fatigue. Companies want answers. So, we’ve found the first step is running the process for our customers and providing the differentiated tradeoff answers to leverage in their business. has lots of validation that we’re on the right track to changing shale, to a revolution in shale. We watch our current customers operating with certainty at 90%+ levels of accuracy. That’s never been done before. We consider engagement with our customers a continuous learning process where we’re always discovering, delivering and reporting on the sensitivities that matter in the AI driven algorithms that manage their data. Small steps to a big change. A change that will one day be a chapter in Originals for moving the world.

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