Customer Success Series: Share the Lead

Customer Success Series: Share the Lead

Rosemary Jackson  •  

Two figures swirling across a dance floor, arm in arm spinning out a Viennese waltz that exemplifies a team sport in every step they take. Contrary to what you may think, the man does not always lead in the ballroom world. Whomever is going forward drives the duo. Whomever is moving backward follows. In the Viennese waltz, the dancers switch constantly—forward, backward, forward, backward—in a dizzying circular motion. The effortless skimming of the floor’s surface happens when the dancers Share the Lead.

And that’s something we do well at Share the Lead.

It all starts when we bring you into the platform with your own Petro Playbook. The first line on the first page is your company success plan, what you purchased to meet your goals. The second line is your Team, dedicated to making your schedule, your needs a reality. We do that with onboarding milestones. You tell us what, we’ll tell you how. You show us your data, we’ll help you filter to success.

We’ll set you up with classes from our Petro Academy. You’ll learn how, then use the platform yourself. We’ll enhance your understanding with our monthly webinars. We’ll share the details, you’ll apply them to your work.

We’ll bring you into our Petro Live, office hours with an expert. You share your workflow, your challenge, your questions, we’ll lead you to a solution.

Like dancers, we’re arm in arm together. Your triumph is our triumph. Your lead is our follow. Our lead is your right direction. And then suddenly, you’re not dizzy anymore. The magic of the Shared Lead hovers us both above the hard floor and we are freed, swirling our way to success.

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