Petroleum Analytics Accelerators:
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Real-time Insights in Drilling

While live WITSML feeds are prevalent in the industry, conclusions cannot be drawn from this data alone. Insights emerge only once live data is integrated with additional sources, such as the well plan, offset wells, and historical performance. automatically processes live WITSML feeds and puts that data in context, exposing variances and empowering users to make informed decisions in real time.

Unconventional Completions Optimization

The future of unconventional development hinges on understanding the factors that drive high-return wells (e.g. landing zone, well spacing, mesh size, stage length, fluid system). is the most advanced analytics platform in oil and gas, blending disparate data and applying machine learning to critical development decisions.

Batch Well Forecasting and Collaboration

Reserves reporting and economic forecasting are the foundation of every oil and gas business. Declining and forecasting well-by-well is inefficient and unsustainable in unconventional development. Today’s reservoir engineers require tools that scale their analysis across multiple assets and insights across multiple teams. supercharges the efforts of reservoir engineers with two powerful tools: a social engine and machine learning.

data pad integration

Data Pad Integration and Analysis

Changes in development plans are often rooted in “science pads”, selected drilling spacing units where high-resolution samples are collected from a variety of sensors (e.g. DAS, DTS, microseismic, tracers, etc.). Critical well spacing decisions and completion design changes depend on the proper interpretation of these measurements. However, combining these data types into one single view is notoriously difficult. is designed with state-of-the-art tools to greatly simplify the ingress of disparate data and combines this data into actionable insights.