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Petro.ai: Global Leaders in Subsurface Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI

Since 2013, Petro.ai has been leading the industry in state-of-the-art analytics for oil and gas. Focusing now on unconventionals, Petro.ai has developed the only Drilling Spacing Unit Design Service (DSUDS) that fully models your shale reservoir subsurface using the complex algorithms of geomechanics inside an AI engine that brings in all available data and insights to optimize your DSU spacing and drastically improve your returns.

Sustainable Energy Alternatives & Environmental Initiatives

The Petro.ai Drilling Spacing Unit Design Service (DSUDS), which plans the full life cycle of an operator’s DSU, is already making dramatic inroads in realizing economically competitive shale, giving us time to further research sustainable energy alternatives and lower carbon emissions. By re-configuring our approach to understanding shale, the Petro.ai team is dedicated to creating the opportunities we need to rethink our energy future.

Leadership & Senior Advisors

Troy Ruths

Founder and CEO

Hossam Elbadawy

SCF Partners

Mark Zoback

Senior Advisor for Geomechanics

Nathan Meehan

Senior Advisor for Reserves and Emissions

Gene Minnich

Board Member


Working at Petro.ai is a mission of change. We’re always looking for talent. We have offices in Houston, Texas and Montreal, Quebec. Please contact us to learn about available positions.

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