Our team at works with operators across North America, helping them accelerate their digital transformation to enable oil and gas teams to focus on high value analysis.
Troy Ruths
Founder & CEO
Richard Gaut
Charles Connell
VP of Product
Kyle LaMotta
VP of Analytics
Theo Kambouris
VP of Sales
Lucas Wood
Technical Director
Rosemary Ruths
Chief of Staff
Josh Davidson
Lead Developer
Todd Hagler
Alex Henkemeier
Nitin Chaudhary
Data Scientist
Omar Ali
Data Analyst
Shota Ota
Support Engineer
Nathan Semones
Enterprise Sales Director
Erik Mignault
Enterprise Sales Director
Jarod Richardson
Enterprise Sales Director
Amanda Ruths
Director Of Customer Success
Indra Obeso
Corporate Controller
Derek Ruths
Chief Data Scientist
Faiyaz Zamal
Senior Data Scientist Developer
Gregory Caza
Data Science Developer
Mitali Ruths
Creative Director

The Sprint System

Research into human performance, motivation, and attention span has consistently shown that working smarter is better than working longer. People do their best work when periods of deep
focus and productivity are combined with periods of intentional recovery.


At, our team works in four 90-minute sprints a day. These sprints are for uninterrupted work— no e-mails, side conversations, or personal calls. We’ve found the sprint system helps employees achieve a high level of productivity and personal satisfaction.


We have a 60-minute lunch and two 30-minute breaks in between sprints. These breaks in the workday are considered as essential to our productivity as our sprints. They’re used to relax, recharge, and connect with colleagues.

At, the world’s most talented developers, analysts, and thought leaders are shaping the future of oil and gas.